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Gun guides and tutorials to help you select a gun, shoot more accurately and harvest more game.

deer hunting rifle

10 Best Deer Rifles for Any Hunter

If you go looking for self-defense handgun suggestions, you will likely get flooded with large caliber pistols that have a lot of recoil or little handguns normally used for concealed carry.

concealed carry handgun in back pocket

How to Select a Concealed Carry Gun

Selecting a concealed carry pistol that works for you isn’t that complicated, but it does require understanding certain concepts such as fit, ease of use, comfort, capability, and price.

small game hunter with shotgun

Choosing The Perfect Gun for Small Game Hunting

Small game is the best way to train a youngster in the ways of ethical hunting. Choosing the perfect gun for small game hunting is part of the process.

big game rifle

Best Big Game Rifles Under a Grand

Just because you drop a lot of cash in pursuit of a large caliber rifle capable of bringing down moose, elk, bison, deer and pronghorn doesn’t mean you’ve selected the right gun.

elk hunting with rifles

Top 10 Rifles for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is a special firearms niche that requires a slightly different tool than your standard deer hunting rifle. This is because of the difference between elk and deer.

rifle scope aimed at ferrel hog

Top 8 Picks for Hog Hunting Guns

Despite their fearsome reputation, wild boar can be humanely hunted using a wide verity of rifles and handguns chambered for a wide variety of calibers and cartridges.

dead coyotes with hunting rifle

Best Ever Rifles for Coyote Hunting

Precision hunters prefer the one-shot, one-kill method of highly accurate shooting, while less able marksmen prefer to put a lot of lead on target with fast action, semi-automatic rifles.

varmint predator rifle

9 Best Varmint and Predator Rifles

Whether you’re dealing with a serious infestation or doing some recreational hunting, the right rifle is key to varmint and predator hunting.

long range hunting rifle with scope

Best Caliber for Long Range Hunting

You need the right caliber at any distance – but once you get out to long ranges, you need a caliber that can actually go the distance.

hunter shooting into trees

Top 10 Guns for Squirrel Hunting

Because squirrels are small game, it doesn’t take a lot to get an ethical kill. However if you’re looking to add them as a possible food source, your choice in firearm and ammunition matter.

turkey hunter with carrying turkey on back

8 Great Turkey Hunting Shotguns

A good turkey gun will be chambered in 12 or 20 gauge as well as .410. It should have rifle-like sights, a scope, or a red dot-type sight to increase your accuracy.

woman shooting handgun at range

Best Home Defense Guns for Women

As a woman, determining the proper firearm for defending your home is a very personal decision, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

handgun recoiling

10 Best Low-Recoil Handguns for Self-defense

If you go looking for self-defense handgun suggestions, you'll be flooded with large caliber pistols that have a lot of recoil or little handguns normally used for concealed carry.

pronghorn antelope shot with rifle

Choosing the Best Rifle for Pronghorn Antelope

Selecting the best rifles for pronghorn doesn’t have the same parameters other big game species follow, but there are a few important aspects you must consider.

long range rifle

The 10 Best Long-Range Rifles

The sport of long-range shooting has really taken off in recent years. Shooting out to the maximum supersonic range of a rifle is usually what defines long range.

woman holding handgun behind back

The Best Handguns for Home Defense

Finding a handgun that fits your specific needs doesn’t have to be a quest. By considering a few factors we’ll elaborate on here.