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Sitka Optifade Open Country


Sitka Optifade Open Country Pants, Hoodies and Jackets

Sitka Optifade Open Country is the first Optifade camouflage system designed using new digital patterning around animal vision as opposed to human eyesight. It is Sitka's original concealment system to break up a hunters outline in the eyes of big game, truly making the hunter one with his or her surroundings. Optifade Open Country camouflage is the optimal concealment system for hunting mule deer, elk, mountain goats and bighorn sheep in open, rugged mountain terrain at 50 yards and beyond. Popular Optifade Open Country products include Sitka Traverse Gloves, Sitka Heavyweight Hoody Jacket, Sitka Cloudburst Jacket and Sitka Dew Point Pants.