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Types of Fishing Reels

Fishing reels come in many varieties to serve different types of fishing, different target species, and different environments. Choose a saltwater or freshwater reel based on the type of water you'll be fishing. Spinning reels are great for light tackle fishing, while baitcasting reels are ideal for targeting heavier fish. Spincasting rods can attach to both spinning and baitcasting rods. Trolling and conventional reels are sturdy and can be used to fish from a moving boat, while fly reels pair with fly rods and help the angler manage the heavier fly lines. Centerpin reels hold monofilament line for float fishing, and mooching reels help you cast vertical bait. Inline ice reels retrieve the line without twisting for ice fishing.

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Fishing Reels by Brand

At Sportsman's Warehouse we offer a quality selection of reels for sale from trusted manufacturers including Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, Okuma and Penn.