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    Kimber Micro Stainless Pistol

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    Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield Pistol

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    Beretta Model 96 Pistol

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    No matter what kind of handgun you’re looking for, Sportsman’s Warehouse has you covered. We carry a full line of semi-automatic pistols, modern sporting pistols, revolvers, and single-shot handguns. Whether you’re into target shooting, hunting, or looking for the best handgun for self defense and everyday carry, you’re sure to find your next handgun here. If you don’t have a Sportsman's in your area, you can buy a gun online through our Local Firearm Dealer Shipping Program that will ship to a verified, participating 3rd Party FFL in your area. To learn more about owning and operating a handgun visit Shooting Tips & Articles and Shooting How-To's.

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