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Marine Radios


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  • Garmin VHF 215 Marine Radio

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  • Garmin VHF Marine Radio

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  • Selecting a Fixed-Mount VHF Radio

    The ability to contact other boats and rescue services is a crucial component of boating safety. Fixed mount and handheld VHF marine radios will allow you to speak with other boaters in your area. A fixed mount VHF will be permanently mounted onto your boat. It consists of two parts: the radio, and the antenna. Fixed mount VHFs are often larger than their handheld counterparts, and you'll need to have a good spot for it in your vessel. These are a good fit for a vessel large enough to accommodate the mount, and a boater who is consistently using the same boat for most of their needs.

    Selecting a Handheld VHF Radio

    A handheld VHF provides the same advantages as a fixed mount, though it does have a shorter range than the fixed mount option does. In turn, you get a portable radio that you can take with you on multiple vessels, or in smaller boats. Just be sure to bring enough batteries to keep your radio powered through your entire expedition. Both handheld and fixed mount VHF marine radios have options for Bluetooth, GPS, floatation, and ability to create a flash signal. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer a quality selection from trusted manufacturers including Cobra and Garmin.