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Fishing with Soft Plastic Baits

Soft baits are a great way to imitate the lifelike movements of a baitfish, whether you’re fishing for panfish, crappie, or a host of other fish. Soft baits are made of some kind of soft plastic sculpted and scented to imitate grubs, worms, lizards, and other common prey. You can use soft baits with hooks, or with jig trailers. They work well in many bait configurations, including swimbaits, jerkbaits, and stick bait.

When you’re choosing the soft bait that will bring in catch after catch, it’s important to research the prey of your target species. Angling for a fish that eats toads or shrimp? Opt for a creature bait. Soft baits will also be colored and scented to look and smell like a squid, leech, or whatever will catch the attention of your target species. Make sure the color you choose is appropriate for the environment you’ll be fishing.

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