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Single Shot Shotguns


At A Glance: Single Shot Shotguns

Single shot shotguns are a simple firearm perfect for no-hassle and beginning shooters. Single shots are easy to load and reload, as they don't have the actions of pump and semi automatic shotguns. This simplicity also makes them easy to clean. They are lightweight, which can be an advantage to hunters that might be covering a long distance. While they are not common, they can be used for bird hunting, and make a great youth firearm. They do offer a stronger recoil due to the lack of action, and must be reloaded in between every shot (as the name suggests). At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer single shot shotguns from trusted manufacturers including Browning, Stevens, Rossi, and Savage Arms. You can order online or shop in-store at your local Sportsman's Warehouse for affordable prices on top quality products.