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Essential Ice Fishing Gear and Equipment

For a successful ice fishing expedition, you’ll need ice cleats to keep you clamped down on the ice as you walk across, an ice fishing reel that can handle your catches below hard water, and a ice fishing shelters that can fit you and a buddy over your hole to keep you warm. Whether you’re setting out for your first ice fishing expedition or stepping up your gear before your hundredth, Sportsman’s Warehouse has this essential ice fishing gear and even more equipment and clothing that will make your trip a success. Before you set out, be sure you have an auger capable of drilling a hole in the ice. You can choose between a power or manual auger, depending on the size of the hole you want to make – and your patience for manual labor! You’ll also need to choose the right rod that works for your ice fishing goals, and line that the fish will not be able to see.

Beyond these essentials, Sportsman’s Warehouse offers many additional accessories that can make your ice fishing adventure more successful and more comfortable. Shop our selection of sleds to help transport all of your gear (and your haul of fish on the way back!), bait and lures to bring in that perfect catch, and tip ups to keep snow and slush out of your hole. It’s not just your boots that need special attention for ice fishing – you also want to make sure you have the right ice fishing clothing to keep you warm and also safe from hypothermia through a long day on the ice. Shop our collection of ice fishing bibs, jackets, socks, hats and gloves. Plus, you might want to check out our ice fishing electronics section, where you can find ice ducers that will help you track fish as they move under the ice, and have a better ability to choose your targets strategically.

Whether you’re gearing up for your annual trip, or you spend the entire winter over an ice fishing hole, the gear at Sportsman’s Warehouse will help you bring in more catches while having an overall simpler, more strategic, and warmer ice fishing experience. Choose products from our trusted manufacturers, including Vexilar, Marcum, Eskimo, 13 Fishing, and Northside.