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Trolling & Conventional Reels(45)

Trolling Reels at a Glance

Trolling reels (or conventional reels) are designed specifically for offshore trolling. Trolling reels have stronger drag and greater line capacities than the smaller (but similar) baitcasting reel. You’ll see larger paddle-handles, star drags, and spool release levers on your trolling reel, and it also uses a baitclicker alarm that clicks and provides tension when you are free-spooling, indicating that something heavier has now attached to the end of the line. You can also find options with level-wind systems to lay the line evenly onto the spool, though these are not recommended if you’ll be bringing in large saltwater fish that may be aggressive or fast. Trolling reels also use built-in line counters that will help you send out the right amount of line for your target depth.

At Sportsman’s Warehouse, we offer a wide variety of trolling reels that will help you bring in your target species from the saltwater depths. Shop our quality selection from trusted manufacturers including Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, and Okuma.