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Selecting Hard Fishing Baits and Lures

Hard baits can help you bring in your target species, if you know how to choose and use them properly. When you’re choosing your hard baits and lures, be sure to consider what type of fish the bait should imitate. This will impact the color of your hard bait and the way it will move in the water. This movement will convince the fish’s eye that this is one of their prey.

Types of Hard Baits

There are many types of hard baits that you can choose from. Stickbaits, crankbaits, and swimbaits are often used when casting or trolling. Jigging lures and blade baits work for these purposes, but they are especially useful when you’ll be casting vertically, either during ice fishing or from piers or boats. We also offer jerkbaits, topwater lures, and more.

At Sportsman’s Warehouse, you can find the best hard baits for your needs, whether you’ll be fishing through ice, out on the lake, or in the ocean. Shop our quality selection from trusted manufacturers including Mepps, Panther Martin, and Yakima Bait Company.