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Sitka Hunting Pants


Sitka Hunting Pants - Elevated II, Waterfowl Marsh, Optifade Subalpine and Open Country

Choosing the right hunting pant is critical for big game hunting. Sitka hunting pants are designed and engineered to support long backcountry treks and hunting expeditions. They're water resistent, reinforced, fit perfect for layering to provide additional protection from the elements, and built to last. In fact, if you plan on cutting trails through the back woods or thick briar patches on the back forty, don't forget your Sitka hunting pants. With so many styles to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Sitka hunting pant styles include Sitka Mountain, Timberline, Traverse and Thunderhead in Elevated II, Optifade Subalpine, Open Country, Waterfowl Marsh, and Waterfowl Timber camo patterns.