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Ice Augers & Accessories


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  • Ice Fishing Augers

    You can't go ice fishing without a hole in the ice, and an auger is the best way you can make one. Augers make creating a hole in the ice simple and safe, no matter what type of auger you choose. Most augers are lightweight and can fit easily into your gear haul for ice fishing, while speeding up your setup by an enormous amount! At Sportsman's Warehouse, we carry augers from trusted manufacturers including Eskimo, Strikemaster, and ION.

    Hand vs Electric vs Gas Ice Augers

    You can choose from a hand, electric, or gas ice auger. Hand augers are very easy to use, and you don't have to worry about bringing gas or batteries since you operate them yourself. They are very lightweight, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly, but they can also be more tiring to operate, especially once the ice gets thick. Gas augers can help you drill holes much more quickly, and your refuels are only limited by the amount of gas you can bring with you, as opposed to running out of batteries or tiring out your arm. Gas augers are heavier, and do create more fumes, especially if you are inside a hard shelter. Electric augers (also called power augers) are easy to use, extremely fast, and lighter than their gas counterparts. If you're going to be drilling many holes or through thick ice, an electric auger can make a huge difference to your trip.