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Leupold Rangefinders


Leupold Rangefinders - Best Digital & Laser Rangefinders

Leupold rangefinders are crafted to meet the needs of serious hunters and sportsmen. They can be used for a variety of hunting and shooting applications that require calculation of distance, speed, slope, and angle. Leupold RX rangefinders include various models, which offer an array of customizable functions not found in other brands. Leupold has developed "The First Smart Rangefinder" which we consider an understatement given the plethora of customizable functions and features that come with a Leupold rangefinder.

Leupold is one of only a handful of companies to offer a series of rangefinders with True Ballistic Range (TBR) settings, which improves accuracy by providing a more precise measurement than traditional line-of-sight distance to a target. Leupold rangefinders can be customized to account for changing weather conditions, varying terrain, and different types of game. Coupled with projectile ballistics inputs, Leupold rangefinders use a built-in inclinometer to adjust for tilt and changes in elevation to provide rifle hunters accurate up and down hill shots, holdover/hold-under point or MOA adjustment. Leupold rangefinders provide bow and rifle hunters using scopes with Leupold Ballistic Aiming System reticles precise equivalent horizontal distance measurements for spot on up and down hilling shooting. Leupold rangefinders remove the guess work, ensuring accurate ranging with every shot.

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