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Camp Chef


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  • About Camp Chef

    The Camp Chef mission is simple: create better ways to cook outdoors. Founded in 1990 by outdoorsman Ty Measom, Camp Chef has since become a pioneer in the outdoor cooking industry. Through its dedication to engineering, tinkering, testing, and testing some more, Camp Chef is an industry leader in all things outdoor cooking. Camp Chef is headquartered in the heart of Cache Valley, Utah. Surrounded by the mountains, Camp Chef applies rigorous, real-world product testing to every piece of equipment it produces. From home cooks to professional chefs, Camp Chef products can be found in the arsenals of outdoor cooking enthusiasts around the world. Camp Chef is about more than cooking, though. The brand recognizes that great meals bring people together, and is proud to help fuel these types of special moments. Camp Chef aims to enhance the lives of its customers through innovative, best-in-class outdoor cookware and cooking devices.

    Whether you’re just grilling out or trekking through the Himalayas, Camp Chef has the ideal solution for your outdoor cooking needs. For full-functionality wherever you go, Camp Chef offers a line of fully-capable stoves, ovens, griddles, and grills. This includes fully modular options for endless customization to better suit your specific needs. Camp Chef also produces a full line of equipment for pellet-style cooking. This includes Camp Chef pellet grills, a pellet smoker, and Camp Chef pellets for all your outdoor cooking and smoking needs. In addition to these full-function pieces of cooking equipment, Camp Chef also offers a variety of cookware and cooking accessories. This includes Dutch ovens, cast-iron cookware, roasters, bacon presses, and thermometers. No matter what (or where) you’re cooking, Camp Chef has an ideal solution for your next outdoor excursion or event.

    Top Camp Chef Products Include:

    For the best in outdoor cooking equipment, Camp Chef is the name to know. Camp Chef is a world leader in outdoor cooking, and at Sportsman’s Warehouse we are proud to carry a comprehensive selection of Camp Chef products. As a premier Camp Chef vendor, we’re dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience every step of the way.