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Double Barrel Side by Side Shotguns


At A Glance: Side by Side Shotguns

Side by side shotguns are a classic double barrel shotgun dating far back in history. They offer two barrels side by side (as the name suggests), and are popular with collectors as well as shooters who prefer a rustic feel. Side by side shotguns give a horizontal shooting plane (rather than the vertical shooting plane of over under shotguns), which requires the shooter to lower their head to see down tthe barrels. Side by side shotguns may come with a single trigger or a double-trigger, which is preferred by some bird and small game hunters as it allows more control over the firing of each barrel. However, double trigger systems can be easier to misfire. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer side by side shotguns from trusted manufacturers including Stoeger, CZ USA, Charles Daly, and Fausti. You can get everyday low prices on top quality products when you order online or shop in-store at your local Sportsman's Warehouse.