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32 Auto ACP Pistols


.32 Auto (ACP) Pistol for Self Defense

The .32 Auto (ACP) Pistol is an affordable self-defense firearm with many modern applications despite its early beginnings in 1899. It has a lighter recoil and faster speed than comparable calibers such as the .380, and it comes at a cheaper price to boot. The lighter recoil makes it easier to get in a lot of target practice through plinking and other exercises, which can help you become more comfortable with the weapon in advance of an unexpected high-stakes self-defense scenario. They have lighter bullets often made from lightweight polymers, and their small size makes them a frequent choice for concealed carry. However, the lighter weight and low recoil give this pistol less stopping power than some comparable options. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer pistols chambered in .32 Auto (ACP) from trusted manufacturers including Beretta, Kel-Tec, and North American Arms. You can get low prices on top quality firearms when you order online or shop in-store at your local Sportsman's Warehouse.