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28 Nosler Rifles


28 Nosler Big Game Hunting Rifles

The 28 Nosler is a popular hunting cartridge that delivers serious stopping power for big game including elk, wildebeest, and more. The 28 Nosler is extremelyl flat shooting and resistant to wind drift, which is crucial if you'll be hunting over long ranges. It also maintains a high energy over longer distances, making it extremely accurate. It does have a higher recoil than some comparable cartridges, so make sure your shoulder is prepared, and check out options for recoil relief across different rifles. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of rifles chambered in 28 Nosler from leading manufacturers such as Christensen Arms, browning, Montana Rifle Company, and Bergara. Order online or shop in-store at your local Sportsman's Warehouse for everyday low prices on the best products.