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Traditional Bows


Traditional Bows at a Glance

Whether you'll be hunting or target shooting, traditional bows are a great way to get in touch with the long history of archery. Today, two types of traditional bows are still popular in archery: the longbow and the recurve bow. A longbow is a classic Robin Hood-style bow, with one large piece of curved wood. The recurve bow is a variation on the longbow, with the ends of the bow curving away from the archer where it connects with the drawstring. This makes it easier to shoot, while still providing a very simple wooden bow for the archer.

Selecting a Traditional Bow

There are several considerations when you are choosing the right traditional bow for you. You'll need to measure your draw length to find the right size bow for your shooting stance. If you have too short a bow, you'll have more perceived bow weight and less distance to pull back. You'll also need to consider the bow weight, which corresponds to the strength you'll need to draw and fire the bow. 45# or less is a good start for many target shooters, who will need endurance to fire multiple rounds.

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