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Labradar Chronograph

by Labradar
ID 1656738
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Labradar Chronograph


Labradar Chronograph
by Labradar


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Labradar Chronograph -  Labradar Chronograph performance exceeds any consumer level velocity acquisition system. It continually measures velocities of your rifle, pistol, shotgun (slugs), arrows or pellets up to 100 yards depending upon the size of the bullet. Smaller bullets do not track as far as large bullets. Multiple distances for velocity display are user definable on the unit. LabRadar measures velocities up to 3,900 f.p.s. with 0.1% accuracy using six AA batteries. Labradar is not dependent on any light source and can be used indoors/outdoors in all weather conditions. It is positioned to the side of the weapon, not downrange where other systems are prone to damage. Each shot series provides Hi, Lo, Average, ES, SD.  Individual shots display velocities at muzzle and up to five additional distances along with Kinetic Energy at each distance. The data is downloadable via USB or SD card.  Built in IPSC / IDPA Power Factor Calculator.  Mounts on standard ¼ x 20 tripod thread. (tripod not included)

  • Contains Latest Firmware
  • Includes: 1 Labradar Unit, 1 User Manual, 1 Quick Setup Guide, 1 Warranty Card, And 1 Mirco-USB Cable For Data Transfer
  • Advanced Tracking Radar
  • Tracks Bullets Up To 100 Yards.
  • Up To 100 Shot Per Series With Up To 9,999 Series
  • Records Velocities From 65 FPS To 3,900 FPS
  • Metric Or Standard Velocity And Distance Reporting
  • High, Low, Average, ES, SD Data
  • Delete Shot Function
  • Kinetic Energy Calculation
  • IPSC / IDPA Power Factor Calculation
  • Power Down With No-Memory Loss
  • USB And SD Card Downloads Of Stored Data For PC Use
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Large 3.5” Display
  • 6 AA Battery Operation (Not Included)
  • Operating Temperature Range (15°F to 110°F)


Model Labradar
Color Orange


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