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B&T APC9 Modern Sporting Pistols

B&T APC9 (Advanced Police Carbine) AR style 9mm pistols with 33+1 round capacity designed for police, special forces, and military applications.
B&T APC9 is a series of Swiss-made semi-automatic SMG (sub-machine guns) chambered in 9 mm Luger, with barrel lengths ranging from 8.9 to 6.8. The finishes are coyote, tan or anodized black. The monolithic machined receivers ensure rigidity, while the hydraulic buffer reduces felt recoil. The APC9 has dual, non-reciprocating charging handles that fold automatically for ease of operation. An improved lower receiver design with a conveniently located bolt hold open/release lever provides faster and smoother operation. The B&T APC9 series offers adaptability and firepower in a compact package.