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Best Pistols for Big Hands

Pistols with Knives

Smaller guns are easier to conceal than larger guns, and can be more comfortable to carry. However, not all pistols (and especially concealed carry pistols) can accommodate people with large hands. There are a few special considerations for individuals with large hands looking to purchase a pistol for home defense, target shooting, or any other purpose.

When choosing a pistol, you’ll need to determine how the firearm fits in your hands. The fit of your handgun will determine how efficiently you can draw and shoot it. In a home defense situation, efficiency is extraordinarily important, as seconds can change the outcome of an incident.

Ultimately, you need to be able to press the trigger smoothly, cope with the recoil so that you are ready to shoot again if needed, and change the magazine without changing your grip on the pistol. Your facility with these actions may vary based on the specific size and shape of your hands.

For some, gripping the weapon with the full hand comfortably is most important. You may want a gun that is thick enough that your hand doesn’t wrap too far around it, while also being long enough that your fingers don’t slip off the end of the magazine. You can test out this kind of hand placement in the store.

Gripping the gun tightly enough keeps it from squirming around in your hand during recoil. Make sure you get a pistol that is large enough that you can effectively hold onto it and keep it in place.

A contoured grip may also help increase your comfort with your pistol. If your knuckle is squished up against the bottom of the trigger in an uncomfortable way, a contoured grip can create more space for you.

Adjustable backstraps are available on many models. When you are trying out pistols at the store, ask whether they have adjustable backstraps that can help create more space for your larger hands.

If you are looking for a concealed carry pistol, you may have to opt for a slightly larger model to accommodate the fit. Many can still be concealed within loose clothing. The important thing is that you can shoot the pistol effectively; it’s no use concealing it wonderfully if you aren’t able to gain tight control of the firearm quickly.

Below are a few options of pistols that will work well for shooters with larger hands.



A revolver may be a more comfortable fit in your hands than a semiautomatic pistol. Though these take longer to reload, they remain reliable even if you don’t touch your firearm for several months. If you are looking for a gun to keep in your home for your protection and don’t intend to use it often, a revolver may be an excellent choice.

9mm Pistols


These pistols are generally larger to account for their powerful ammunition. They have long been used by the military, and have excellent stopping power. These are generally full-size semiautomatic pistols with enough bulk for you to grab onto.

.45 Pistols


If you are looking for a concealed carry pistol, you may be able to find one that is small enough to conceal while being large enough for your hands in the .45. The FNX-45 series provides a very smooth shot for its power.

Full-Size 1911 Pistols


Plenty of 1911 pistols will be large enough for your hands, especially if you look for full-size and larger firearms. These are the original, classic pistol, and remain popular today thanks to their serious stopping power in a small instrument.

Parting Thoughts

If you have had issues with pistol size before, it’s very important that you try out different models at your local store. Make sure that you can grip the pistol consistently and comfortably, and change the magazine easily. These factors will help you draw and use your pistol efficiently should an emergency situation aris