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Wyoming Gun Laws

Wyoming has some of the nation’s most permissive gun laws. The state constitution affirms the right to keep and bear arms, and Wyoming has rarely enacted any restrictive, anti-firearms legislation. Wyoming as virtually no hardware restrictions and does not require licensing or registration prior to obtaining a firearm. No type of license is required to carry a concealed firearm.

Wyoming Gun Laws at a Glance

Concealed Carry Premit Required No
Open Carry Premitted Yes
Waiting period before purchasing No
Lost and Stolen Firearm Reporting No
Firearms License Required for Purchasing No
Universal Background Check No
Firearm Registration No
Large Capacity Magazine Ban No

Firearm License Requirements

No type of license is required to obtain a firearm in Wyoming.

Background Checks

Wyoming has no law requiring background checks on purchasers buying from private sellers. Pursuant to federal law, background checks are required on any firearms purchases from licensed dealers. Dealers must process these background checks by contacting the FBI directly.

Concealed carry permit holders are exempt from background check requirements in Wyoming.

Gun Shows

Wyoming does not regulate gun shows.

Hardware and Ammunition Restrictions

Hardware Restrictions
Assault Weapons Not restricted
50 Caliber Rifles Not restricted
Machine Guns Prohibited in state game fields and forests.
Large Capacity Magazines Not restricted
Ammunition No restrictions.

Prohibited Persons

Wyoming specifically prohibits the possession of a firearm by anyone who has committed a violent felony or any felony causing harm to a police officer.

  • Wyoming also prohibits the ownership of firearms by any person who:
  • Has been convicted of any felony in any part of the United States
  • Is currently adjudicated to be legally incompetent
  • Has ever been committed to a mental institution

Prohibited Places

Location Restrictions Exceptions
Schools Schools may authorize employees who hold concealed carry permits to carry firearms in school.

Firearms are prohibited at universities, colleges, and college sporting events.
Designated employees must keep the firearm in a lockbox within their control at all times. They must also undergo firearms training.
Vehicles Wyoming allows the carrying of firearms in vehicles without any type of carry license. None.

Concealed Carry Laws

Notify Officer No
“No Gun” Signs Enforced
In-Vehicle Carry Permitted
Restaurant Carry Permitted
State Park Carry Permitted
While Hunting Permitted

Obtaining a Concealed Carry License

Any person who can lawfully possess a firearm under Wyoming law may legally carry a concealed firearm in public.

For those wishing to obtain a permit, Wyoming is a ‘may issue’ state. This means that Wyoming reserves the right to deny any applicant.

Requirements for a Concealed Carry License
  • An applicant may be granted a concealed carry license if he or she:
    • Is a lawful resident of the United States
    • Has been a resident of Wyoming for at least six months
    • Is at least 21 years of age (exception may be granted to those 18 years of age with a personal recommendation from the sheriff)
    • Is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm
    • Does not suffer from a physical condition that would prevent the safe handling of a firearm
    • Has not been committed to a facility for substance abuse within the previous year
    • Has not ever been convicted of certain felony crimes relating to controlled substances
    • Has not been convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes relating to controlled substances within the previous year
    • Does not regularly abuse or use alcohol to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired
    • Has not been involuntarily committed within the past one year period to any residential facility as a result of the use of alcohol
    • Demonstrates familiarity with a firearm by past experience or through the completion of certain safety or training courses
    • Has not been adjudicated to be legally incompetent
    • Has not been committed to a mental institution

Concealed Carry Firearms Training

When applying for a concealed carry license in Wyoming, a person must demonstrate proficiency with a firearm. The following activities are all suitable demonstrations of such proficiency:

  • Completion of any certified firearm course taught by instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or the Wyoming law enforcement academy
  • Completion of any law enforcement firearms course offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or other security or law enforcement personnel
  • Past participation in an organized shooting competition or military service
  • Completion of any firearms training course taught by a state-certified or National Rifle Association-certified firearms instructor
  • Certified as proficient in firearms safety by any Wyoming law enforcement agency
  • Honorable retirement as a federal or state peace officer after a total minimum of ten years of service
  • Proof of the above qualifying activity must be provided by submission of one of the following documents:
  • A photocopy of a certificate of completion of any of the above courses
  • A notarized affidavit from the instructor, school, club, organization or group that conducted the course attesting to completion
  • A copy of any document which shows completion of the course or participation in a firearms competition

Concealed Carry Location Restrictions

Even with a concealed carry permit, you may not carry a concealed firearm in the following locations:

  • Any elementary or secondary school or facility
  • Any school, college or professional athletic event (that is not related to or featuring firearms)
  • Any college or university facility (firearms may be carried with the written consent of the designated security service)
  • Any facility used primarily for law enforcement operations or administration (consent may be given by the administrator of such a facility)
  • Any detention facilities, prisons, or jails
  • Any courtroom (Except the judge may carry a concealed weapon and grant others to do so)
  • Any meeting of a government entity
  • Any meeting of the legislature or a committee thereof
  • Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcohol for consumption on the premises if primarily devoted to that purpose
  • The Wyoming boy's and girl's schools
  • The state hospital
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law or state law or regulation

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not to be construed as legal advice or acted upon as if it is legal advice: it is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. While we strive to provide accurate, up-to-date content, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or currency of the information. Gun laws can change frequently, especially at the state and local levels. Application of gun laws can be unique to an individual’s situation. We recommend that each individual consult with a competent and qualified legal professional before purchasing, transporting, or using any firearm or firearm-related product.