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About Killik

Killik outdoor performance gear puts rugged, field-ready apparel within reach at wallet-friendly prices. Killik creates world-class hunting apparel for the everyday sportsman, through its belief that quality gear should be available to everyone. The brand features innovative camouflage materials that allow users to stay in the field longer and improve their overall hunting experience -- without breaking the bank to do so. Quality products, at quality prices -- all with the Killik Guarantee.

Killik's original K1 pattern is featured on a huge variety of jackets, pants, base layers, and more, to provide hunters with maximum concealment in the field. This pattern is also available on three different models of packs, optimized for quick scouting or days-long excursions. In addition to the versatile K1 model, Killik recently introduced the innovative Veil Big Sky pattern.

Big Sky is based on an astute understanding of the eyesight capabilities and color perception of animals in the wild. Using this scientific approach, the new pattern has been engineered with world-class technology to conceal the human body, disguise movement, and provide maximum visual disruption.