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Moultrie XV-6000 Verizon Wireless Trail Camera


by Moultrie
ID 1644328
MPN MCG-13478


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Moultrie XV-6000 Verizon Wireless Trail Camera


Moultrie XV-6000 Verizon Wireless Trail Camera
by Moultrie


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Moultrie XV-6000 Verizon Wireless Trail Camera - With the XV-6000, you can now receive all of your trail camera images via the Moultrie Mobile app on your smartphone or computer. 

The XV-6000 is a game camera and cellular modem in one unit. When wildlife walks in front of the camera, the PIR sensor detects the motion and triggers the camera to take a photo. The cellular modem portion of the camera then transmits the digital image via the Verizon 4G network to the Moultrie Mobile cloud-based server. Once uploaded to the server, the image is viewable on the free Moultrie Mobile app or by logging into your online account via a computer.

The XV-6000 captures beautiful, crisp 16MP images (5376x3024). The high-resolution images are saved on a standard SD card, while a lower-resolution image is uploaded to the server. This allows you to use far less data by not transmitting the high-res version for every image. However, you can download a high-resolution version of any of your images for free. A high-res download only uses your data and never charges extra.

The XV-6000 records in HD video (1280x720). While video does not transmit cellularly, it is saved on the SD card where you can pull the video anytime.  


Battery Life EST. 3 Month
Battery Type AA (12)
Camera Type Non-Cellular
Color Moultrie Pine Bark camo
Flash Type Infrared
Mega Pixels 16MP
Size 8in (L) x 5in (W) x 3.5in (D)
Trigger Speed 0.9 second
Video Recording true
Video Resolution 720P


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