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ID 1687928 | MPN NBSFP45

Domain Outdoor No BS Deer Food Plot Mix


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Domain Outdoor No BS Deer Food Plot Mix


Domain Outdoor No BS Deer Food Plot Mix


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Domain Outdoor No BS Deer Food Plot Mix - No BS food plot mix is the perfect food plot mix if you don’t have heavy equipment to assist with your food plot preparation. Make sure your ph is right and work to rough up the soil with hand tools or a garden rake.  This will help remove leaves and debris to ensure proper seed to soil contact, improving germination, root development and the overall success of your food plot.  No bs contains varieties of oats, clover, forage rape, radish and chicory and is designed to establish quickly and attract deer to those hard to get to stand locations back in the woods.  Finally a “no till mix” with zero “fillers, that doesn’t require heavy equipment and is an absolute deer magnet.  Additionally, no bs was designed so that it can be planted in the spring or fall, offers both protein and energy sources and includes perennials, so even in a “no till” environment can last up to 2 years with proper maintenance.  While it can be highly successful as a “no till mix”, no bs is more than that…it’s a show-stopping hunt plot and can also be planted with equipment. This is not your normal “throw and grow”.


  • Plant Varieties: Forage Oats, Clover, Forage Rape, Chicory, Radish
  • PH Range: 5.8-7
  • Soil Type: Tolerant To Acidity, Dark/Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Clay


Model NBSFP45
Species Deer
Type Seed
Weight 4.5lbs


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