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Wrist and Bow Slings

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  • What is a Bow Sling?

    Any serious archer wants to do whatever they can to improve their accuracy and skill at archery. A bow sling, also called a wrist sling, is a piece of braided rope or fabric that reates a loop around the bow's grip. Then, you can place your hand through this loop. When you use a bow sling, you can keep your bow hand fully relaxed before and even during the shot. A relaxed grip helps your arrow shoot more accurately towards your point of aim. Without the sling, you have to grab the bow, which can cause movement when you loose the arrow. Bow slings are commonly used with compound bows, though you can also use them for recurve bows to the same effect. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer bow slings from Western Recreation, Tarantula, Neet, and other quality manufacturers. If your arrows are consistently missing the mark, or if your bow hand becomes tired after an afternoon of shooting, a bow sling may be an excellent choice for you.

    How to Choose a Quality Bow Sling?

    There are several key considerations when you are choosing a bow string. You want to make sure to choose the option that is best for your comfort, your bow, and your design preferences. Most bow stlings are made of plastic or leather. The leather models generally offer a better grip than the plastic do. Some newer models offer paracord, or parachute material, which is another durable option. Then, you'll want to consider the size of your bow. Make sure that you opt for a bow sling that is capable of pairing with your bow - otherwise, you may stretch out your bow sling, and have to replace it sooner. Finally, consider the color of your bow sling. If you are a bow hunter, you'll want to choose a bow sling in a dark color or a camoflauge pattern, taking the same approach you do for all of your archery supplies. If you are practicing archery indoors or through target practice or competitions, then you can choose whichever color you prefer!

    What Size of Bow Sling Do You Need?

    Most of all, be sure to pay special attention to the size of the bow sling. Make sure you are confident about the size of your bow before you purchase your sling. If you get one that is too small, it can stretch out the bow sling, causing it to lose its structure or otherwise wear out prematurely. Your bow sling should be large enough that it doesn't strap your hand too tightly to the bow; you do not want to have more contact with the bow than is necessary to grip it. Several of our bow slings are adjustable or standard size; however, if you have a very thick bow or large hands, you may want to try on slings in the store to make sure your wrist won't be strapped down to your bow. Find the right sling for you, and your shooting will become more accurate and more comfortable. Plus, you'll lose any fear of dropping your bow when you're shooting from a tree, or any other tricky position!