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SIK F4 100gr Fixed Broadhead - 3 Pack

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SIK F4 100gr Fixed Broadhead - 3 Pack


SIK F4 100gr Fixed Broadhead - 3 Pack
by SIK


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SIK F4 Broadhead - Never settle for a hit and run. We have no hesitation saying the F4 is the most accurate fixed blade broadhead on the market today. This 4-blade, all laser-welded stainless steel broadhead delivers time and time again with its 27-degree razor-honed blade angle, producing a 1.350in cutting diameter and a 3.350in cutting surface.

  • Most accurate fixed blade broadhead currently on the market
  • Includes four blades and an all laser-welded stainless steel construction
  • Features a 27-degree razor-honed blade angle
  • Produces a 1.350in cutting diameter and a 3.350in cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broadhead



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