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ID 1507873 | MPN HME-GBCH
HME Products

HME Blind Camera Arm Holder


HME Blind Camera Arm Holder - HME Products has developed an easy-to-use compact camera holder that will universally attach to all hub-style ground blinds. It utilizes the same patent pending mounting system as our full line of ground blind accessories. After being installed to the ground blind cross rails, the user can adjust the camera holder by rotating the pivoting arms.
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HME Blind Camera Arm Holder


HME Blind Camera Arm Holder
by HME Products


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HME Blind Camera Arm Holder - Once the camera is in the desired position the user can then raise or lower the camera by loosening the locking wing. This will allow the camera to be positioned so it will video their hunt while not interfering with their shot. Includes two accessory hooks for hanging calls, range finder, backpack, etc.

  • Attaches to Ground Blinds
  • Can Adjust camera holder rotating the arms




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