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Otter Outdoor Sport SledIDp1368533

by Otter Outdoors



Otter Outdoor Sport Sled - Carry your gear on the snow or ice either by hand or hooked up to an ATV or snowmobile with this sturdy polyethylene sled. Durable material gives year round use.
Otter Outdoor Sport Sled


Otter Outdoor Sport Sled
by Otter Outdoors
$47.99 - $59.99


Otter Outdoor Sport Sled - Load as much gear as this sled can hold and haul it out onto the ice or snow. The reinforced bottom rails on this outdoor sled is perfect for the sportsman who is needing a reliable and durable product. The aggressive leading edge allows for the sled to be pulled easily through the deep snow and over obstacles without getting stuck or leaving a deep footprint. Choose either small, medium, or large sled depending on how much gear you need to pull. The sled comes with a tow rop to hook up to an ATV or snowmobile or is towable by hand.

  • 100% polyethylene construction
  • Reinforced bottom rails
  • Aggressive leading edge
  • Sportsman's Tow Rope included

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