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Buzz BombIDp8540

by Buzz Bomb



Buzz Bomb - Deadly Sonic Lure, Works on Everything Everywhere. Cast it. Mooch it. Troll it.
Buzz Bomb


Buzz Bomb
by Buzz Bomb
$3.99 - $8.99


Buzz Bomb - Fishing Lures that are PURE DYNAMITE! For over 40 years Buzz Bomb / Zzinger Lures has been leading the pack in lure design and innovation in fishing jigs. It is for these reasons, along with high quality at a reasonable price, which puts Buzz Bomb / Zzinger at the top of sales and fish productivity where ever they are used. The jigs'unique sonic abilities and erratic flashing action attract and annoy ALL FISH, large and small, into striking voraciously. Forget the 'luck'. Put SCIENCE on your side!!

  • Erratic Flashing Action
  • Sonic Vibrations Attract And Annoy Fish Into Striking
  • Works On All Types Of Game Fish

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