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Yo Zuri 3DB Shad LureIDp27099

by Yo Zuri



Yo Zuri 3DB Shad Lure - Catch more fish like the pro's by using the right tackle. The 3DB Shad is a suspending lure that keeps the bait right where the fish are and increases your catch rate.
Yo Zuri 3DB Shad Lure


Yo Zuri 3DB Shad Lure
by Yo Zuri
$9.49 - $9.99


Yo Zuri 3DB Shad Lure - The internal 3D prism in this lure makes this bait something the fish cannot ignore and as it passes them in the water suspending right in their view. Enticing fish to come and bite this lure imitates the real swimming action of an actual shad. This bait is ideal for trolling, jerkbait as well as casting and retrieve style of fishing. Adding to the already lifelike look this lure has a mylar tailhook which adds flash and a lifelike fin. Land more fish with the quality nickel treble hooks.

  • Traditional shad body
  • Shad swimming action imitation
  • Suspending techniques
  • Mylar tailhook for flash and lifelike fin
  • Injured "Red Eye"
  • Patented wave-motion ribs
  • Internal 3D prism, patent pending
  • Round bend black nickel treble hooks

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