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Fishing Packs

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  • Types of Fishing Packs

    When you're choosing a pack for fly fishing, first you need to decide between a waist, chest, or sling pack. Waist and hip packs (sometimes called lumbar packs) have plenty of storage and many features to help improve your experience, and should come with a shoulder strap to help you spin the pack around to access your gear. Waist packs sit lower and are therefore more likely to get wet, so waterproofing is extra important. Chest packs are great options for anglers who won't be carrying much gear: they are smaller, but keep your equipment easily accessible and out of the water. Sling packs allow you to keep your gear on your back and out of the way while casting, and then spin it into position when you need to access your equipment. Sling packs also ride higher than waist packs and generally keep your gear dry.

    How to Choose a Fly Fishing Pack

    Waterproof materials are a must for your fishing backpack. You also want to check your pack for tool docking stations, lash points, D-rings, and accessory loops that can help you organize your equipment. Check out what straps come on the pack, and how you might carry water bottles, food, and clothing. Packs should be durable, and make sure to get the size that works for you and the amount of gear you want to carry. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer all kinds of fly fishing packs from trusted manufacturers such as Fishpond, Orvis, Umpqua, and Allen.