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Pro Troll Prochip 4 Fin Flasher

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Prochip size 4 flasher with its E-Chip and rear diagonal fin is ideal for trout, kokanee and walleye trolling.
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Pro Troll Prochip 4 Fin Flasher


Pro Troll Prochip 4 Fin Flasher
by Pro Troll
$5.49 - $10.59
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Pro Troll Prochip 4 Fin Flasher- The ProChip 4 flashers are made for catching trout and kokanee.  The flasher is 4 inches long and has a diagonal kicker fin on the back.  The ProChip 4 flasher spins in an erratic circle while kicking from side to side at the same time.  It gives great action to a bait or hoochie behind it.  It is easy to handle and can be coupled on short leaders (13 to 20 inches) to the lure or bait. 

It contains the Pro-Troll electronic EChip and has Pro-Troll "Easy Spin" ball bearing swivels on both ends.  

For trolling less that 1 MPH, the flasher can be rigged for slow troll.  See the instructions inside the flap of the flasher package. 


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