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Selecting the Right Buzzbait

Buzzbaits come in a variety of designs that will lure in different fish in different conditions. The simplest buzzbait will spin its blade on the water’s surface, creating a small noise and leaving a trail. You can also opt for a buzzbait with holes in the blade, which will leave a trail of bubbles that mimics thrashing. A buzzbait with a clacker on its arm will create a larger noise and more flash. A buzzbait with a blade slightly touching the bait’s head will create a louder vibration, which particularly attracts bass.

Types of Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits don’t only come in the metal blade style. You can find frog style baits, floating buzzbaits, and more varieties to mimic different types of prey. At Sportsman’s Warehouse, we offer a wide selection from trusted manufacturers including Strike King and Booyah.