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ID 438419 | MPN B8-ANC

Pro Cure Bait Oil Liquid Scent

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Pro Cure Bait Oil Liquid Scent


Pro Cure Bait Oil Liquid Scent


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Pro Cure Bait Oil Liquid Scent - Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. Enhanced with powerful antioxidants to assure fresh, quality scent and potent fish-attracting flavor. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. Potent bite stimulants have also been added to attract even the most reluctant fish.

  • UV Enhanced
  • Most Powerful In The Industry
  • Made From Real Whole Fresh Bait
  • Great For Injecting Or Marinating Bait Or Lures
  • MPN: B


Size 8 oz
Model B8-ANC
Color Anchovy


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