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BBQ Butler

BBQ Butler Hot Dog Tongs


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BBQ Butler Hot Dog Tongs


BBQ Butler Hot Dog Tongs
by BBQ Butler


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BBQ Butler “Frank Flipper” - Hot Dog Tongs - Brat Tongs - Easily Flip Sausages/Brats/Hot Dogs. Traditional food tongs just won’t do anymore. We DEMAND A BETTER, MORE NOBLE MEANS OF GRILLING MEATS OF THE TUBE VARIETY. Now you can flip your hot dogs and sausages on the grill WITHOUT FLIPPING YOUR WRIST. Our BBQ Butler “Frank Flipper” Hot Dog Tongs are a DELUXE WAY TO FLIP FRANKS RATHER THAN ROLLING THEM back and forth on top of the grill grate. Offering MORE CONTROL THAN TRADITIONAL TONGS and almost mesmerizing to watch, the Frank Flipper is a novel way to roast your red-hots. WHEELS LOCATED AT THE END OF EACH 16 INCH TONG ARM WILL SECURELY GRAB YOUR DOGS and rotate them around to be gently placed on the grill grate. Each WHEEL EDGE HAS PERFECTLY SHAPED “EASY GRIP” TEETH to hold on to your slippery footlongs without piercing their skin and releasing their flavorful juices. No more runaway frankfurters. To flip the hot dogs, simply GRAB THE TUBE STEAK AS CLOSE TO ONE END AS POSSIBLE. LIFT THE DOG UP OFF OF THE BBQ GRATE AND WATCH AS GRAVITY PULLS THE FRANKFURTER DOWN ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SECURELY PLACE THE FREE END BACK ON THE GRILL, ALLOWING THE UNCOOKED SIDE TO LAY ON THE GRATE. It is as easy as that. The Frank Flipper is OUTSTANDING WHEN USED WITH A MULTIPLICITY FOODS: shish kabobs, bratwurst, corn on the cob, sausages, chicken drumsticks, and more--the delicious possibilities are endless. After you have put them to good use it’s time to clean them! No problem. These stainless steel Hot Dog Tongs are DISHWASHER SAFE. Couldn’t be easier! Makes a fun gift for your favorite griller. We promise they won’t have one of these bbq gadgets!


Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Pack Quantity 1
Type Accessories


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