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ID 1690109 | MPN GS3-01-R6

Nite Ize G-Series 3 Dual Chamber Carabiner


secyre remove dual chambers security access closure universal design key accessory fob
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Nite Ize G-Series 3 Dual Chamber Carabiner


Nite Ize G-Series 3 Dual Chamber Carabiner
by Nite Ize


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Featuring two connected, yet distinct chambers and built with strong stainless steel, the G-Series simplifies key carrying without sacrificing security. Simply load your keys into the first chamber of the carabiner, then pass them through the inner gate to the second chamber to secure. This two-layered security system allows you to easily clip the carabiner onto belt loops or bags and change keys as needed, while keeping your keys securely attached in the bottom chamber. The G-Series securely holds keys of virtually any design, including key fobs and international keys.


Type Accessory


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