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ID 1464358 | MPN HW-100038-11P
TH Marine

T H Marine HydroWave H2 System


T H Marine HydroWave H2 System - Turn on the bite regardless of the situation with the underwater sounds of baitfish with the HydroWave H2.
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T H Marine HydroWave H2 System


T H Marine HydroWave H2 System
by TH Marine


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T H Marine HydroWave H2 System - The T H Marine HydroWave H2 System has been developed to produce the underwater sounds of bait fish and feeding activity to entice fish to start actively feeding. The HydroWave H2 features multiple sound patterns, waterproof speaker, 16 bit CD quality sound, expansion port for additional sounds, 5 pre-programmed delay options, lateral & vibration reaction technology, and 2.5in liquid display. Package includes: H2 unit, waterproof speaker with 14ft cord, speaker mounting hardware, and use guides and warranty card.

Sounds Include: Power Pattern, Bait Blitz, Delayed Schooling, Schooling Blitz, Surface Bait, Spawning Bait, Finesse, Ultra Finesse, Feeding Frenzy, Deep Bait, Crawfish on Gravel Finesse, Blue Back Finesse, Blue Back Frenzy, Bream Bed, Active Pads.


  • Multiple Sound Patterns
  • Waterproof Speaker
  • 16 bit, CD quality Sound
  • Expansion port for additional sounds
  • 14ft speaker cord with 6ft power cord
  • Lateral & Vibration Reaction Technology
  • 2.5in Liquid Display


Model HW-100038-11P
Type Marine Electronic Accessory


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