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Kokopelli Recon - Blue


by Kokopelli
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Kokopelli Recon - Blue


Kokopelli Recon - Blue
by Kokopelli


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Kokopelli Recon  - Blue - 

A rugged, bombproof whitewater kayak with open, self-bailing ports -
New for this year, Kokopelli's 7.5 foot Recon Self-bailing PackRaft - part of the Whitewater Series - is an exceptional choice for paddlers needing durable river-running options. Weighing in at 18 lbs, the Recon is modeled after the Nirvana Self-Bailer.
Like the Nirvana models, the Recon is designed with 30% more volume in the stern. This provides more buoyancy and a slightly lower waterline, eliminating water pooling issues while a new bottom hull construction makes the packrafts more rigid. By repositioning where the hull bottom attaches to the side chambers, the paddler sits a bit higher, and doesn’t sag down in the boat. 
The inflatable floor with integrated seat is made from 210d diamond-ripstop nylon and uses a GRI Push-Push valve. Starting at 7 in (17.9 cm) thick in the seat area, the floor tapers to 4 in (10.2 cm) thick from the knees to the bow. This keeps you comfortable and improves paddling position which allows for deeper, more efficient paddle strokes.
All Kokopelli packrafts now come with upgraded GRI push-push military valves. The Recon Self-Bailing PackRaft features two main chambers - one perimeter and one on the floor. The two-chamber design provides greater safety than traditional one-chamber packrafts, while one-inch seam welds with reinforced tape ensure durability and the highest-quality, air-holding properties. Designed for intense whitewater or rugged conditions, the Recon sidewalls and hull features a robust 0.9 mm PVC construction.
Twelve-inch diameter tubes ensure stability on the water as well as providing some protection from swells. Ten integrated nylon d-rings serve as convenient gear-tie downs.
Accumulated water passes through 15 one-inch open ports, strategically placed around the bow and stern.  The open design also offers quick entry and exit when scouting rapids, and a higher paddling position to allow deeper and more efficient paddle strokes. Use of a wetsuit or drysuit (depending on temperature) is recommended when using self-bailing packrafts due to water coming in and out of the packraft.
The Recon is part of Kokopelli's Whitewater Series. The narrower trim allows for a more fluid carve into and out of eddies while the increased rocker makes surfing your favorite hole that much easier. Whitewater Series packrafts are two chambered, have extra thick floor and sidewall material, and extra floor reinforcement on the sidewalls. They also feature a Thigh-Strap system (sold separately). Thigh-Straps allow for a more responsive handling whether you are carving into an eddy, surfing a wave or even rolling your packraft.
The Nirvana Recon is perfect for rapid water environments through Class III. While heavier than the other Kokopelli Packrafts, it can still be backpacked to remote locations, taken on camping trips, tossed on a plane or stashed in an RV. With the foot pump and gauge, the Recon Self-Bailing PackRaft can be ready for the water in less than five minutes.


Outer Dimensions: 90 x 37 inches
Tube Diameter: 12 inches
Interior Dimensions: 57 x 15.5 inches
Load Capacity: 300 lbs
Weight: 18 lbs for packraft alone. For individual measurements, see below.
Two GRI psuh-pushmilitary valves - one on the main chamber, one on the floor.
Sidewall and Hull Construction – 0.9 mm PVC construction
Includes packraft, foot pump, gauge, repair kit, instructions, inflatable floor with integrated seat, backband, two compression straps for easy storage.
Three year limited warranty.
Features an integrated thigh strap system which uses an optional thigh strap kit (not included).
For more details, read the Instruction Manual
Please note: The Recon Self-Bailing PackRaft does not have a tracking fin, nor does it come with an inflator bag.
New for this year: Nylon webbing d-rings are now 1” mil-spec webbing D-rings and the compression straps are now 1” mil-spec compression straps. All self-bailing boats now feature reinforced drain holes.

Packraft: 18 lbs
Inflatable Floor with Integrated Seat: 1lb 3 oz (0.6 kg)
Backband: 6 oz (0.2 kg)
Compression Straps (Set of 2): 2 oz (0.1 kg)
Foot Pump with gauge: 2 lb 11 oz



Color Blue
Fits 1
Weight 18lbs



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