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ID 1697201 | MPN FG-RC-SET1
Otis Technology Inc.

Otis Multi-Caliber Ripcord - 10 Pack


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Otis Multi-Caliber Ripcord - 10 Pack


Otis Multi-Caliber Ripcord - 10 Pack
by Otis Technology Inc.


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Otis Multi-Caliber Ripcord - 10 Pack - This multi-pack offers 10 of the most popular Ripcord one pass bore cleaners to make quick and easy cleaning of your safe full of firearms. Including the most popular calibers and gauges for rifles, pistols and shotguns, it includes Ripcords designed to clean .17 cal, .22 cal/.223 cal, .243 cal, .260 cal, .270 cal., .30 cal/7.62mm, .38 cal/9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal and 12 gauge. It also includes a t-handle for ease of pulling the Ripcord through the bore, along with a short all-purpose brush. Great for cleaning hard to reach areas on your firearm, it easily attaches to the t-handle. A hanging carry case is included and features 13 pouches to store your Ripcords along with room to add additional gear. It folds up for travel and also includes a loop to hang it above your work bench.


  • Includes Ripcord One Pass Bore Cleaners To Clean Most Popular Calibers/Gauges Of Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns
  • Designed To Clean: .17 cal, .22 cal/.223 cal, .243 cal, .260 cal, .270 cal., .30 cal/7.62Mm, .38 cal/9Mm, .40 cal, .45 cal And 12 Gauge
  • Also Includes T-Handle And Short All-Purpose Brush
  • Features Hanging Carry Case That Folds Up For Travel


Model FG-RC-SET1


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