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ID 1004412 | MPN 168577

Tipton 13 Piece Bronze Bore Brush Set


Tipton 13 Piece Bronze Bore Brush Set -Tipton® Bore Brush Sets are a new concept in firearms maintenance. Conveniently packaged caliber- and gauge-specific sets of brushes means you always have the right brush at hand. Because they are caliber- and gauge-specific, you can be assured of an optimum fit to your firearm’s bore for efficient and thorough cleaning.
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Tipton 13 Piece Bronze Bore Brush Set


Tipton 13 Piece Bronze Bore Brush Set
by Tipton


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Tipton 13 Piece Bronze Bore Brush Set - Contained in a durable, hinged box with marked cavities, it’s easy to select the correct brush for your particular application. Tipton® Bore Brush Sets are available in both bronze and nylon. Bronze brushes are made from premium phosphor bronze for long life and cleaning power. The nylon brushes are made from a material that is unaffected by most modern solvents including copper solvent which can easily deteriorate a bronze brush. Threads fit most popular brands of cleaning rods. Rifle set contains 14 caliber specific brushes (17-45 caliber).

  • Includes:
  • 17 Caliber (5-40 threads)
  • 338/8mm Caliber
  • 20 Caliber (5-40 threads)
  • 35/9mm Caliber
  • 22 Caliber
  • 375 Caliber
  • 243/6mm Caliber
  • 40/416 Caliber
  • 25/6.5mm Caliber
  • 44 Caliber
  • 270/7mm Caliber
  • 45 Caliber
  • 30/32 Caliber
  • 50 Caliber


Type Brush
Model 168577
Pack Quantity 13


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