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Accurate 1680 Rifle Powder - 1 Pound


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Accurate 1680 Rifle Powder - Is an extremely fast burning double-base, spherical rifle powder well suited for large capacity, high performance handgun cartridges.
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Accurate 1680 Rifle Powder - 1 Pound


Accurate 1680 Rifle Powder - 1 Pound
by Accurate


Limit 1 
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Accurate 1680 Rifle Powder -Such as the 454 Casull, 460 S&W and 500 S&W. 1680 is also an excellent choice for the 22 Hornet and 7.62 x 39, as well as other low capacity rifle cartridges.

  • High Performance Large Capacity Magnum Handgun Powder
  • Excellent In The 22 Hornet And 7.62X39
  • Clean Burning
  • 1 Lb


Size 1lb


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