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Otis Technology Soft Vise Jaws - AK Platform

by Otis Technology Inc.
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Otis Technology Soft Vise Jaws - AK Platform


Otis Technology Soft Vise Jaws - AK Platform
by Otis Technology Inc.


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Otis Technology Soft Vise Jaws - AK Platform - For gunsmiths or firearm owners working on their AK firearms, the Otis AK Soft Jaws are an essential item to protect your AK while keeping it secure in a vise. Works with light duty vises up to large, heavy duty vises (minimum vise jaw measurement is 4”L x 0.5”H). Composed of a non-slip rubber material, these soft jaws have the perfect balance of hardness to keep even the smallest parts clamped and flexibility to mold to the various shapes of a firearm. Softer than gun parts, these soft jaws will not mar or scratch gun metals. The rubber is oil, solvent and alcohol resistant and easily wipes clean. They also feature a top lip which not only help protect the firearm but in conjunction with embedded magnets, also hold the Soft Jaws to the jaws of the vise. Designed by a group of professional gunsmiths, the AK soft jaws are designed specifically for AK firearm platforms and feature detailed contouring and rivet holes to perfectly fit and securely hold rifles of the AKM pattern, the most commonly found AK style. This Soft Jaw will not fit RPK pattern AK rifles.


  • Designed Specifically For AK Firearm Platforms
  • Features Detailed Contouring And Rivet Holes To Perfectly Fit And Securely Hold Rifles Of The AKM Pattern, The Most Commonly Found AK Style (Will Not Fit RPK Pattern AK Rifles)
  • Composed Of A Non-Slip Rubber Material
  • Hard Enough To Keep Even The Smallest Parts Clamped Yet Flexible Enough To Mold To The Various Shapes Of A Firearm
  • Features Top Lip To Protect Firearm, And In Conjunction With Embedded Magnets, Holds Jaws To The Vise
  • Will Not Mar Or Scratch Gun Metals
  • Oil, Solvent And Alcohol Resistant And Easily Wipes Clean
  • Designed For Light Duty Vises Up To Large, Heavy Duty Vises (Minimum Vise Jaw Measurement Is 4”L X 0.5”H)
  • Made In The USA



Made in the USA Yes



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  • Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage.
  • We'll keep you informed of any recall notifications.
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