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Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ankle Size 1 Right Hand Holster

ID 308663
MPN 88211


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Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ankle Size 1 Right Hand Holster


Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ankle Size 1 Right Hand Holster


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Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ankle Size 1 Right Hand Holster - Uncle Mike's Sidekick Ankle holsters provide the wearer with an exceedingly discreet concealed carry option and are comfortable enough for all-day wear. They hide small and medium firearms, even compact large-frame autos, inside the pant leg.


  • Nylon Web Retention Strap With Reinforced Thumb Break
  • Wrap-Around Design Snugs Holster Strap Around Ankle
  • Cinch-Down Design With Hook & Loop Adjustment
  • Right-Hand Model For Inside Left Leg
  • Hook & Loop Adjustable
  • Removable Calf Strap


Model Fit Universal
Color Black
Length 3" - 4" Barrel Medium Autos
Type Semi Automatic
Material Kodra Nylon/Soft-Knit Fabric
Brand Fit Universal
Carry Style Ankle
Hand Right
Product Line Sidekick Ankle
Size 1


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  • If any warranty issue comes up, we'll cover the cost of packing & shipping to the manufacturer from any Sportsman's Warehouse location.
  • Cleaning, scope mounting, and bore sighting.
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  • Provides two professional field strip & cleanings per year.
  • Unlimited professional scope mounting & bore sighting during coverage.
  • Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage.
  • We'll keep you informed of any recall notifications.
  • Free packing/shipping to manufacturer &/or manufacturer's authorized service center for warranty repairs ($20-$40 value).
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