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Best Rifle Brands

Explore the best Centerfire and Rimfire Rifle Brands

Looking for the best rifle? Selecting the best rifle starts with selecting the best rifle brand. The best rifle brands are those with sterling reputations for manufacturing rifles with a proven history of dependability, durability, accuracy, and ergonomics. Top rifle brands also produce various models at different price points to accommodate diverse budgets and hunter preferences. Below is a list of some of the best rifle brands including Winchester, Remington, Weatherby and Tikka.

Brand Description
Barrett Barrett Firearms is an American company that manufactures machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, and sniper rifles. Some of the most popular Barrett firearms include the .338 Lapua Magnum, Barrett M240LW, Barrett M468, Barrett M82/M107, .50 BMG M33 Ball and 416 Barrett.
Benelli Benelli is an Italian company that produces firearms for military, law enforcement, hunters, sport shooters, and more. They manufacture big game hunting rifles and deer hunting rifles chambered in .300 Win Mag, .30-06, .338, and .308. Benelli prides themselves on reliable, innovative rifle designs.
Bergara Bergara is a Spanish company devoted to exceptional accuracy. Initially a barrel manufacturer, they now have a full line or precision rifles. The Bergara B-14 HMR is considered one of. the best vallues for long range shooting. Bergara's most popular rifles include the Premier Ridgeback, Premier Highlander, and B14 Ridge Rifle.
Browning Browning is an American company manufacturing all kinds of sporting goods, including bolt action, lever action, semi-automatic, x-bolt, AB3 bolt, T-Bolt, centerfire, an other rifles of every kind. Browning has an excellent reputation, as they have been in the business of producing rifles for over 130 years.
CVA Originally specializing in side-lock muzzleloading rifles and rifle kits, CVA now produces scout rifles, centerfire rifles, and more. The CASCADE is CVA's first bolt-action centerfire rifle, and the new Accura LR-X is a long-barreled rifle for hunters shooting over long ranges.
CZ USA CZ USA is a Czech company manufacturing rimfire, standard centerfire, micro centerfire, big bore, and more rifles of every kind. The CZ USA 557 Eclipse Bolt-Action is a popular bolt action gun thanks to its reliability and affordability
Chiappa Italy Chiappa Firearms is an Italian company manufacturing black powder, folding, lever-action, falling block, and semi-automatic riflfes. One of their most popular lever action rifles is the Chiappa 1886 Standard Rifle, and they offer a series of historical Winchester 1892 rifles, from classic replicas to modern updates.
Christensen Arms Christensen Arms is an American manufacturer of bolt action, rimfire, left-handed, and modern sporting rifles. One of their most popular rifles is the Modern Precision Rifle, an ultra-lightweight chassis rifle. Their most popular chamberings are 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, .308 Win, and 7mm Rem Mag.
Citadel Citadel is a manufacturer of lever action rifles. One of their most popular models is the Citadel Levtac-92 lever-action rifle, which has a 16.5" barrel and is chambered in .357 Mag.
Crickett Crickett Rifles, made by Keystone Sporting Arms, is best known for its My First Rifle series, which seeks to be the safest rifle for youths. Crickett offers youth precision refiles, walnut and laminate rifles, and synthetic and hydro-dripped rifles.
Daniel Defense Daniel Defense is a firearms manufacturer based in the state of Georgia. They have a strong reputation as a manufacturer of the highly popular AR-15. Daniel Defense also produces bolt action rifles as well as rifles using the AR-10 platform.
FN FN Herstal is a firearms manufacturer based in Belgium. FN produces LE rifles and carbines, semi-automatic rifles, and bolt action rifles for home defense, tactical applications, and more. They also manufacture rifles on the AR-15 platform, including the FN 15 Patrol Carbine, which has a strong reputation for reliability and accuracy.
Fierce Firearms Fierce Firearms was founded to make the next great hunting rifle for big game. Their Edge model rifles guarantee a 1/2-inch, 3-shot group at 100 yards. Their series of bolt action rifles include the Rival and Edge series. They also offer the F-15 Sidewinder, a Modern Sporting Rifle.
Franchi Franchi is an Italian company manufacturing rifles specifically to ensure MOA accuracy at 100 yards. Their offerings include the Momentum, Momentum Elite, and Momentum Elite Varmint, bolt-action rifles built for superior fit, feel, and ease of use while hunting.
Henry Henry Repeating Arms is one of the foremost produucers of lever-action rifles. All of Henry's rifles are made in America. They produce rimfire and centerfire options, as well as modern sporting rifles.
Howa HOWA USA, a subsidiary of Legacy Sports International, is a Japanese manufacturer of sporting rifles for military and civilian applications. Their selection includes the APC Chassis Rifle, Carbon Elevate, Hogue Rifle, and Walnut Rifle.
Kimber Kimber America is a manufacturer of rifles for sporting, hunting, varmint, and tactical applications. Kimber rifles are guaranteed sub-MOA accuracy. Their rifle series include Hunter, Traditional, Open Range, Mountain, Dangerous Game, Varmint, and Tactical.
Magnum Research Magnum Research is an American manufacturer of rimfire and centerfire rifles. Their product series include Magnum Lite Rimfire Rifles and Mountain Eagle Centerfire Rifles. Their rifles can be chambered in a variety of calibers and come with options for combining barrel and stock.
Marlin Marlin Firearms is an American company manufacturing bolt action, semi-autoatic, rimfire, and lever action rifles. Their rimfire options include the XT Series, Model 60, and Model 795. Their lever action rifles include the big bore Model 1895, Model 336, and Model 1894.
Mossberg Mossberg is an American manufacturer of bolt action and modern sporting rifles for hunting, sporting, self defense, tactical, and law enforcement applications. They offer centerfire and rimfire rifles in bolt action and autoloading models.
Nosler Nosler is an American company most known for producing ammunition and handloading components - but they also manufacture their own rifles. Nosler's rifles include the Model 48 as well as the new, forward-thinking Model 21, which has premium components, excellent precision, and many added features.
Proof Research Proof Research is a custom rifle company dedicated to setting a new standard for precision rifles. Proof Research has a patented carbon fiber barrel, which they pair with carbon fire stocks and custom actions. Their selection includes lightweight hunting rifles, mountain hunting rifles, mountain tactical rifles, and more.
Remington Remington Arms is an American manufacturer and one of the best-known rifle makers in the business. They offer bolt action, pump action, and muzzleloading rifles. One of their most popular rifles is the Model 700, a bolt action initially released over 50 years ago.
Rossi Rossi USA is a firearms manufacturer offering rimfire, lever action, long platform, and pump action rifles. Rossi's small-bore rimfire rifles are available in bolt action or semi-automatic models, with free-floating barrels. The R92 lever action and the Rossi Gallery pump action rifle bring the shooter back to traditional styles of riflery.
Ruger Ruger is an American manufacturer of bolt action, single shot, autoloading, rimfire, centerfire, and left-handed rifles. The Ruger American Rifle is one of their most popular offerings, thanks to its accuracy and affordability as a hunting rifle.
Sako Sako is a Finnish company manufacturing a variety of rifles for hunting, self defense, and more. Sako's offerings include the Sako 85 series, a turn-bolt action rifle that can be purchased in six different action sizes. They also offer the Sako Quad Series, specially designed for small game with interchangeable barrels.
Sauer Sig Sauer is an established firearms manufacturer producing bolt action, direct impingement, and gas piston rifles. Their models include the Cross, SIG MPX, SIG716, SIGM400, and TREAD.
Savage Arms Savage Arms is an American company manufacturing rimfire, centerfire, and single-shot rifles. Their rifles include the 110 Timberline, specially designed for long range shooting in the backcountry in challenging conditions; and the 110 Ultralite, designed to brave the elements as well as elevation.
Seekins Seekins Precision is a firearms manufacturer producing bolt action and modern sporting rifles. Seekins' Havak Bolt Rifles are available in the Havak Bravo, Havak Element, and Havak Pror Hunter PH2.
Springfield Armory Springfield Armory is an American company manufacturing lighweight, durable rifles. Springfield Armory's rifle series include the Model 2020 Series, Saint Series, and M1A Series.
Tactical Solutions Tactical Solutions is a firearms manufacturer known for its production of rifles, barrels, and accessories. One of Tactical Solutions' most popular lines is the TacSol .22 Rifles. This series is available through subcategories of Kryptek Series Rifles, X-Ring .22 Rifles, Owyhee Takedown Bolt Action Rifles, X-Ring Integrally Suppressed Takedown Rifles, and X-Ring Integrally Suppressed Rifles.
Thompson Center Arms Thompson/Center Arms is an American company known for creating firearms with interchangeable barrels. Thompson/Center Arms produces bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, muzzleloaders, and interchangeable platforms.
Tikka Tikka is a Finnish company manufacturing high-quality hunting and tactical rifles. The Tikka T3x is one of their most popular product lines, with rifles available for a variety of hunting needs, including different game species, designs, weights, and surroundings. All Tikka T3x rifles are guaranteed 1 MOA accuracy.
Traditions Traditions Firearms offers muzzleloaders and cartridge rifles for hunting and more. Their Nitrofire muzzleloading rifle utilizes their new Federal Premium Firestick, an encapsulated powder charge resistant to moisture.
Uberti Uberti is dedicated to creating replica guns from the Old West period. Their cartridge rifles include single shot, rolling block, trapdoor, slide action, and lever action rifles. They utilize modern methods and materials so you can shoot a historic gun with a modern ammunition load.
Weatherby Weatherby is a well-known American manufacturer of a wide variety of rifles. One of Weatherby's most popular series is the Mark V, a bolt action rifle with one of the strongest actions on the market. This platform is available in a variety of models based on unique hunting needs.
Winchester Winchester is a classic American manufacturer of rifles known for their dependability, accuracy, and ergonomics. Winchester's rifle series include the Wildcat 22 Autoloader Rifles, Model 70 Bolt Action Rifles, Model 1895 Lever Action Rifles, Model 1885 Single Shot Falling Block Action Rifles, and more.
* The list of best rifle brands above is limited to those brands carried by Sportsman's Warehouse. Brands are listed in alphabetical order.