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About Remington

Through their rich sporting history and ever-vigilant dedication to innovation, Remington has become the #1 choice for sportsmen and firearm enthusiasts across America. Built on over 200 years of tradition, Remington is America's single oldest firearms manufacturer, and to this day, Remington continues to push boundaries within the firearms industry. This has given Remington a well-earned and unsurpassed reputation for producing America's most reliable, high-quality firearms. As the largest U.S. producer of shotguns and firearms, Remington has earned its rightful place as a leader within the firearms industry, and as an ever-enduring icon of the American spirit.

Today, Remington manufactures innovative, state-of-the-art rifles, pistols, shotguns, and ammunition. The company's firearms have a well-deserved reputation for quality, with several of their models ranking among the bestselling guns of all time. Remington offers a variety of rifles, including bolt-action, pump-action, muzzleloading, and rimfire models. The brand's shotguns are some of the world's most popular and can be found in the hands of sportsmen, law enforcement, and armed forces alike. In addition to their shotguns and rifles, Remington handguns offer solutions for home defense and personal protection, using state-of-the-art construction that has earned a reputation as America's most trusted pistol. Alongside the brand's reputation for its firearms, Remington engineers have created ammunition that has become an unquestioned industry standard.

Remington products are the undisputed standard for discerning sportsmen and enthusiasts across America. At Sportsman's Warehouse, you'll find a comprehensive selection of quality Remington products at the lowest prices available. As a premier Remington Vendor, we're proud to offer Remington products with our outstanding customer service.