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About Rapala

Established in 1936, Rapala is the largest manufacturer of fishing lures and accessories worldwide. Rapala is driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, and is dedicated to delivering lures that consistently produce results. More world-record fish have been caught on Rapala lures than any other brand, and the company is the only lure manufacturer that has ever received an IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award. Anglers all over the world rely on Rapala products for success. Each year, more than 20 million Rapala fishing lures are sold in over 140 countries.

Rapala lures are designed for realistic movement that demands attention from even the most elusive fish. Each individual lure is tank-tested to guarantee maximum performance right out of the box. Rapala lures are known for having resilient, high-quality finishes. Rapala has an extensive product mix of rods, reels, and other tools. A hook sharpener made with grit aluminum oxide stones is capable of restoring points in a matter of seconds. An impressive range of fillet knives built with razor-sharp, flexible blades are equipped to handle any cutting task. Rapala offers a large variety of fish scales to accommodate the needs of every angler, including a selection of digital, mechanical, compact, and touchscreen scales.

Top Rapala Products Include:

Rapala lures and fishing accessories are crafted with great precision and are world-renowned for their durability and performance. Rapala is determined to maintain its strict manufacturing techniques and uphold the superior quality standards that are associated with the brand.