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Beretta APX Carry - Compact Defense Pistol

By | Dan Kidder | Posted 5/29/2020

Beretta recently released the APX Carry, a small-format handgun optimized for self-defense. The Beretta APX Carry is a reliable, effective defense pistol that can be trusted to perform day in and day out. Today, we’re going to explore this exciting new offering from Beretta.

About the APX Carry

The Beretta APX Carry was released specifically as a replacement for the Beretta Nano. The Nano wasn’t one of Beretta’s most popular models, and many gun owners see the APX Carry as an upgrade over the Beretta Nano from a design and performance standpoint. The gun is decidedly compact, at only 5.63 inches long and 4.17 inches tall. The gun is 99/100ths of an inch wide, which of course, is effectively one inch. The APX Carry weighs about 21 ounces unloaded, which is about standard for similar firearms. It also features a stainless steel barrel that has been treated with nitrite to protect against rust and general corrosion.

The trigger pulls with 5.5 lbs of force. Although it is a perfectly capable trigger, it does require the user to pull it all the way back to the handguard in order to fire. Users must also pull the trigger all the way forward to fire the handgun again. This fits well with the defense-oriented design of the gun, ensuring that every shot fired is deliberate and intentional.

The grip creates a user-friendly experience, featuring checkering and stippling that makes the gun feel comfortable in the hand. There’s also a mechanical de-cock button in the polymer grip frame, creating a safe way to disassemble the gun as needed.

The Pros

There is a lot to love about this gun. It’s easy to shoot well, and despite a long trigger pull, the gun fires smoothly and crisply. It features solid steel, driftable sights that help shooters consistently accomplish precision aiming.

Ergonomically, the gun feels great, despite its very compact size. Even for users with large hands, the APX Carry feels comfortable. The APX Carry features an oversized trigger guard, which allows users with large hands to properly pull the trigger, even when wearing bulky gloves. The slide features ergonomic striations that help align the user’s hand for cocking the weapon. These striations allow shooters to use the base of the hand to cock the gun, allowing for greater control when gripping the slide.

For cleaning and lubrication, the APX Carry can be disassembled easily. The inner mechanics of the weapon are high-quality and provide very reliable operation. The APX Carry is available in various frame colors.

The Cons

The Beretta APX Carry is close to perfect, but has a few faults. First, the gun requires an external tool for disassembly. Breaking the Beretta APX can also be accomplished using a simple coin, so it’s not a fatal flaw. In addition, the APX Carry features a reversible magazine release for right and left-handed shooters, but the slide lock is only on the left side of the gun. Most modern guns feature ambidextrous slide locks, so it is surprising that the APX Carry lacks this feature.

Overall: A Winner

The APX Carry is an impressive weapon and a fantastic choice for concealed carry. There are several holsters and spare magazines available for the APX Carry, though the gun comes standard with two magazines (a six-round and an extended eight-round). For Beretta Nano owners, any Nano magazine is compatible with the APX Carry. The baseplate doesn't fit perfectly, but the magazine still functions safely and effectively. Overall, the APX Carry is an ideal solution for concealed carry applications and yet one more great firearm from Beretta.