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ID 1532181 | MPN VEO2S235CPQSBDL

Vanguard VEO 2 S 235CP Tripod Kit


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Vanguard VEO 2 S 235CP Tripod Kit


Vanguard VEO 2 S 235CP Tripod Kit
by Vanguard


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Vanguard VEO 2 S 235CP Travel Tripod Kit - VEO 2 S 235CP, exclusive to Sportsman’s Warehouse, is a compact and lightweight, 23mm, 5 section carbon fiber travel tripod kit with a built-in monopod leg. 
VEO 2 S 235CP is a compact and lightweight, 23mm, 5 section carbon fiber travel tripod kit with a built-in monopod leg. The kit includes a compact ball head optimized to carry camera capacities up to 6kg/13.2lbs. Designed for compact travel VEO 2 S 235CP provides a lot of versatility from low level shooting while being able to be extended up to a comfortable height of 145cm/57.2 inches. Attach the added smartphone holder and now you can easily record images or take static shake-free videos without having to hold on to your smartphone. You
too can get into the shot!
The ARCA compatible pan head VEO 2 PH-25 is easy to use and its large lock/unlock knob allows for quick efficient setup. The QS-60 mounts quickly and efficiently and is equipped to stay on the bottom of your camera or U-Yoke, so that you can be ready to use your tripod quickly and execute your shot.
Like to use a monopod? The VEO S 235CP is equipped with the TPU gripped leg that when coupled with the top plate from the center column and the ball head allows for quick, seamless conversion to a monopod. This is a great feature for shooting sports action like kid’s sports, spot & stalk, shooting stick, and more. This great feature is ideal when a tripod is restricted and cannot be used.
Your VEO 2 S 235CP tripod can travel anywhere. Shooting at the range, in dirty conditions while taking landscape images or seizing your shot moment in the backcountry. Clean-up is a snap too! The new open to click twist leg locks allow for easy fresh water rinsing after working in most demanding environments. Shoot low angles giving your subjects power by using the included LAA (Low Angle Adapter).
Every Sportsman’s Warehouse Exclusive VEO2S235CP Bundle comes complete with: Tripod, Pan Head, Two QS-60 Plate, Smartphone holder, BA-185 (bino adapter), U-Yoke, Low Angle Adapter, Spikes, Allen wrenches and carrying bag.
  • Patented Magnesium Rotational center column for compact travel and easy setup
  • The leg with the all-weather TPU grip converts to a monopod
  • Twist leg locks-New Open to click feature. Also, easy to clean disassemble and reassemble if needed
  • Round rubber feet allow for easy set up on different types of terrain and easily convert to short spikes (Included in Kit)
  • Independent Leg positioning at 3 different angles (21°, 50°, 80°) for greater adaptation to uneven terrain and to shoot more creative pictures
  • Get as low as you can go with the included LAA (Low Angle Adapter)
  • The Vanguard  VEO 2 PH-25 Pan-Head is specifically designed for travel tripods and monopods. It’s a compact pan-head with a unique folding handle that allows you to all the functionality you could want, but is easy to pack away.
  • Arca compatible QR plates
  • Secure head lock system and top plate on the central column when being used as a tripod and when used as a monopod
  • Shoot with your smart phone by utilizing the Smart Phone holder that is included in this kit


Height 7-57.12in
Color Black
Type Tripod
Folded Dimensions 15.75in
Leg Sections 5
Material Carbon Fiber
Weight 2.68lbs
Weight Capacity 7.7lbs


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