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Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope


Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope. An excellent scope that maximized color fidelity and contrast while still employing an extra low dispersion optical system, all housed in a lightweight magnesium housing. Ladies and Gentlemen, Game On!
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Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope


Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope
by Leupold


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Leupold GR 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope.The Leupold Gold Ring 12-40x60mm HD Spotting Scope employs an Extra Low Dispersion Optical System to maximize color fidelity and contrast. This produces and incredible image across a wide field of view, all with best in class eye relief for easy, full field viewing with or without eyeglasses. The prism-less Folded Light Path (FLP) system uses mirrors to compress a long optical system into half its length. All this performance, in a lightweight magnesium housing for the most packable optical power available.

Xtended Twilight Lens System: Now your hunt can reach further into the twilight than ever before possible, with our exclusive new Xtended Twilight Lens System. It goes a step further than even the Index Matched Lens System, using Leupold’s index matched glass with wavelength specific lens coatings designed to optimize the transmission of low-light wavelengths. When most scope manufacturers quote percentage of light transmission, they usually mean at 550 nm, the green wavelength where the human eye is most sensitive. The challenge is that in twilight conditions, green light disappears and blue/violet light takes over. Your eye is already handicapped when it comes to seeing the blue/violet spectrum, and if your scope is cutting too much of it out, soon you won’t be seeing anything. The Xtended Twilight Lens System places extra emphasis on matching coatings to glass indices to achieve the best possible transmission of the blue/violet spectrum, without sacrificing the color balanced light transmission across the visual spectrum of the Index Matched Lens System. When we combine that with superior computer-generated optical design, lead-free lenses of unsurpassed clarity and quality, and 100 years of manufacturing excellence, you have a scope that gives you the details of low-light scenes in greater definition and luminance than any other scope in the world.

DiamondCoat 2: Exterior lens surfaces are treated with DiamondCoat 2, an ion-assist lens coating, for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion resistance we’ve ever offered. DiamondCoat already exceeds military standards for hardness and durability. DiamondCoat 2 offers unsurpassed durability and will prove its worth in the wildest places on earth. DiamondCoat 2 has the additional advantage of assisting in light transmission, for greater brightness, clarity and contrast.

  • Actual Magnification - Low: 12.00x - High:40.00x
  • Linear Field of View (ft/1000 yd) - Low: 168 ft. High: 52 ft.
  • Angular Field of View - Low: 3.2 degrees, High: 1 degree
  • Twilight Factor - Low: 48.9, High: 26.8
  • Exit Pupil (mm) - Low: 4.8, High: 1.5
  • Eye Relief(mm) - Low: 30, High: 30
  • Objective Clear Aperture (mm): 60.00 mm
  • Length: 12.4 in.
  • Weight (oz): 37.00 oz
  • Weight (g): 1049.00 g
  • Close Focus Distance: 36.00 ft
  • Close Focus Distance (m): 10.90 m
  • 100 Percent Waterproof and Fog Proof
  • Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process
  • Digital camera compatible


Magnification 12-40x
Weight 37oz
Color Shadow Gray
Length 12.4in
Body Type Straight
Eye Relief 30mm
Field Of View 168-52ft
Objective Diameter 60mm
Product Line Gold Ring
Type Spotting Scope
Waterproof Yes


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